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What is the type of plywood?

In order to fully and rationally use the forest resources to develop plywood production and make the best use of materials, China's newly formulated national standard (report draft) is divided into plywood for finishing according to the use of glued panels (for the surface needs to be coated with transparent paint) Furniture, sewing machine table and various electrical enclosures, etc.), plywood for decoration (for construction, furniture, vehicle and ship decoration materials), generally with plywood (for packaging, padding and other purposes) and thin wood decoration Plywood (used as a high-grade decorative material for buildings, furniture, vehicles, ships, etc.), the type of plywood is further divided according to the bonding strength:
        (1) Class I (NQF) - weather resistant, boiling water resistant plywood.
        This type of plywood is durable, resistant to boiling or steaming and can be used outdoors.
        (2) Class II (Ns) - water resistant plywood.
        It can withstand cold water or short-term hot water impregnation, but is not resistant to boiling.
        (3) Class III (Nc) - non-durable plywood.